Day Me vs...
Night Me. 

So I have now officially been a Fresher at the University of Bristol for two weeks. It feels like so much longer because we’ve pretty much been going out every night. Days are a blur of attempting to stay awake during lectures and joining the mob trying to board buses back to halls. Nights involve a lot of staying in, board games and getting a good rest… Translation: ‘squashka’ (aka vodka + orange squash) and hands covered in club stamps, and getting home at 4am.
The Impressionists coming in strong to decorate my room. 

Proud of my bedroom makeover (even if 60% of my time was spent arranging my fluffy toys)
It’s been a roller-coaster of emotions, ranging from ‘what am I doing here’ to ‘I love everyone in this entire city.’ Now things are settling down a bit, I’m starting to realise I’m getting more of a grip on things. I know I need to be at the bus stop at least 45 minutes before my lecture, as the buses here are ridiculously unreliable and full. I know The Downs are gorgeous green spaces by day but should be avoided at all costs at night. I know that each club has a night of the week that is it’s designated night.

There’s also a hella lot of things I don’t yet know. Like how to navigate the Arts Complex. Gorgeous buildings, but I need a GPS in here. Or why the washing machine was jammed for 3 hours and then suddenly started working. Or how I’m going to get all my reading done before each lecture and seminar…

Using my books mainly as decoration in the first week

Either way, I’m looking forward to learning everything there is to know about the place, and cringing when I look back at this post in a few months. Bristol is beautiful, my classes are interesting, nights out are mad. Basically, I’m loving it here. Even if my kitchen looks like this…

Classic uni table- no washing up done, lots of vodka... 

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